Oh dear, oh dear.

In our latest piece we follow on from our exposé about how taxpayers are forking out for a cosy existence for our MLA’s and civil servants in Stormont.  We started by exposing the cost of heating in Parliament Buildings, whilst many in the community are forced to choose between heating or eating.  You can read that story here.

In this latest post, we uncover the cost of ferrying civil servants from one building in the Stormont Estate to another, all at your expense.

Annexe C, an office building which holds Assembly staff, is located less than half a mile from the doors of Parliament Buildings and a shuttle bus for staff only has been running between the two buildings for several years, ending in June 2015.

BtP can reveal that since 2011, £18,000 of taxpayers money has been used to usher Assembly staff within the Stormont Estate travelling a distance of less than half a mile, all whilst cuts to services such as the free travelcard for those 65+ is pondered, and public transport costs are on the rise for consumers.


To add insult to injury, we have also uncovered that MLA’s who are members of the North-South Inter-Parliamentary Association, which holds meetings both at Stormont and Leinster House, have also been ferried to the meetings on coaches costing a total of £1,000, but many of these members also claim mileage expenses for the trips from their home to Parliament Buildings.

OperationExpose continues.  Stay tuned.


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