In 2011 it was revealed in the Assembly that the public were to pay £252,000 for a new fleet of Ministerial cars for each member of the Northern Ireland Executive plus another – 13 in total. (Source)

13 Skoda Superb’s were purchased for Ministers to chauffeur them around the region on your dime.


BtP can now reveal the costs for Ministerial travel including maintenance of the ministerial fleet since 2011.

We asked the Department of Finance and Personnel, who manage the fleet on behalf of the Executive to outline

  1. The cost of ministerial travel broken down by Department since May 2011 by month
  2.  The cost of maintenance of the ministerial fleet including MOT, Insurance costs (and any claims), and ad hoc maintenance by month and department in the same period.

Ministerial travel costs include air and rail fares and associated accommodation costs.

Ministers spent almost £24k of your money being driven around the country – and that excludes the staffing costs of the chauffeur drivers/bodyguards where applicable.


Travel costs amounted to £17,291 with maintenance costs coming to a total of £6,571 over the period – a combined cost of £23,682 of your money.

We include the full costs below – and given Minister are also constituency MLA’s, you might want to ask them for their explanation.


Whilst we didn’t get the figures broken down by Minister, the figures are not insignificant.



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