Education has been a key aspect of the lacklustre election campaign for the NI Assembly which takes place today, May 5th – so we wanted to look into what has been happening with school budgets across NI.

We were given reams and reams of data and whilst it took a few days to analyse these, we felt it only fitting to release it today.

Post-primary schools across NI have lost a mammoth £4,605,338 since last year.  This doesn’t take into account school closures or mergers such as the opening of St Ronan’s College in Lurgan, merging three schools.

The biggest drops in funding are in Holy Cross College which has lost 77 pupils and £417k, Lisneal College which has lost 86 pupils and £370k and Sacred Heart College Omagh which has lost 46 pupils and £228k.

The variations are reflective of per-capita spending which is different across much of the schools estate.

Derry has been particularly badly hit, with all post-primary schools except St Brigid’s Carnhill suffering a drop in funding from last year.  Oakgrove Integrated, which has the highest per-capita spend of any Derry post-primary at £4,740 lost over £210,000 from their budget compared to last year.

In total, when calculating the losses of the ten post-primary schools in the City, a massive £1,247,912 has been slashed from budgets.

For example, this is the budget outturn for 2015 and 2016 for those ten schools in the City;


Of course, there are winners and losers across the region, and other schools have gained money based on their per-capita headcount and transitional budgets.



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