Sports have long been deemed to be a major factor in bridging divides, keeping people active and generally being at the heart of communities across the region, so we decided to have a look into the funding of sports by SportsNI.

There were some odd outcomes, such as ‘Tug of War’ being allocated more funding than Volleyball for example.


As you can see, anything from American Football to Rambling to Dodgeball have been granted some funds in the last five years.

‘Multi Sports’ far outstrips any other funded sport at £20,977,586.77.  As part of this wide ranging funding portfolio, £1,429,164.61 has been spent on 3G pitches and MUGA facilities.  Projects such as the refurbishment of the Alpha Hall in Lisburn and projects in Ballynahinch have been subject to major funding.

The most funding for an individual sport goes to Association Football – it has been granted a total of £7,574,729.83 since 2011.  It is followed by Boxing surprisingly, which has received £6,988,550.53.

Gaelic Sports were given £5,245,330.84 in the 2011-16 period, excluding Camogie which was given £273,696.

The top sports that have been granted over £1 million in total since 2011 are as follows:




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